The Kolo Sight Mount significantly enhances day and night fighting capabilities of the .50 cal M2 Machine Gun, 40 mm Mk19, and 40 mm Heckler & Koch Grenade Machine Gun (GMG). With the Kolos Mount, the gunner is able to rapidly transition from active to passive target acquisition methods to produce maximum effective fire on target. Because of the Kolos Mount buffer system, the gunner can keep his eye against the sight eye cup during firing to maintain the sight picture.

Kolos Sight Mount

Low profile buffering of optics systems.

Accommodates up to 4 day/night electro-optic devices.

Increases lethality of both 40 mm and .50 cal platforms at long distance.

88% absorption of peak recoil forces.

Customizable configurations.

Cadex Kolos Sight Mount

Cadex Kolos Sight Mount

Dimensions: 21.96″ x 5.89″ x 2.78″
21.96 cm x 14.95 cm x 7.06 cm
Weight: 5.100 lbs
2313 Grams
Material 6061-T6 Aluminum