Cadex's M2 Front Interface Rail Equipment (M2 Fire) rail system increases the target acquisition and engagement capabilities of the .50 calibre M2 Heavy Barrel machine gun.
M2 Fire
  • Clamps to the barrel support of the M2HB weapon.
  • Provides three Picatinny rails, at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock.
  • Provides a solid mount for heavy weapon spotlights and aiming/illumination lasers.
  • Does not affect normal function of the weapon, including barrel changes.
  • Machined channels protect device cables.
M2 Fire Optional Recoil Rail

Mountable accessories:

Optional Recoil RailOptional Recoil Rail
Part#: RR-2337
Reflex SightReflex Sight
Flood LightFlood Light
Optional Top Rail – Part#: 1626-A002
  • The optional top rail assembly provides a mounting surface for reflex sights.
  • Does not interfere with weapon’s iron sights.
Optional Top Rail
M2 FIRE – Part#: 1626-A001
Dimensions: 22.74″ x 4.35″ x 7.08″
57.78 x 11.04 x 17.98 cm
Weight: 5.47 lbs
2480 grams
Material: Aluminum 6061-T6

Please see your local dealer/distributor for pricing and details.