Over the last few months, the world has seen dramatic changes occur with regards to the public health and safety. This worldwide COVID-19 crisis is the first but certainly not the last global pandemic that the human race will need to fight for.

Now that we know it will last for months if not years, it becomes imperative to find better ways to protect ourselves and our families. We all have work obligations to fulfill and our lives to continue to enjoy. We all have a role to play in this crisis and it is important to own PPE to reduce the risk.
As a service and product provider for the military sector, Cadex has been classified as an essential business. Our factory continues to work hard at finding various ways to contribute to the North American overall safety, and this is why we are launching our new division: Cadex PPE

It’s been months since we are working at getting our “Medical Supplier certification” approved so that we could offer a variety of Personal Protective Equipment to our customers. We have been working hard to make sure that we were not selling the “lower bidder junk” products like many other companies… We rigorously selected a few reliable and trustable suppliers capable to produce high volumes of products without affecting their quality.

Last but not least, while others make promises, we deliver. We have stocks and multiple shipments in transit to avoid shortage.

If you are interested by these products, for your business or organization, do not hesitate to contact our team:


ALEXIS BOUCHARD (Representative)

DAVID MICHAUD (Representative)




We are currently working on the website to make it transactional for small orders. New products will be added every week and inventory status will be updated daily.