Customer satisfaction is Cadex top priority. Our staff WILL make sure our products exceed your expectations. This page expresses the satisfaction of numerous customers over the years. Most are in English, some are in French, but they share something in common; Satisfaction. Feel free to send your testimonial our way to be featured on this page.

Super ! le service est toujours impeccable chez Cadex et le materiel est de qualité superieur a tout point vu..
Un client Ultra Satisfait !

Eric, 2022-02-16

I’d like to thank Cadex (and Jamie at their facility in Quebec) for their impeccable customer service. I recently bought a Falcon Lite bipod from a retailer in Ontario and when it arrived there was a tiny part missing, which prevented me from locking out the pan and cant functions.
I contacted Cadex and Jamie took the time to go over the disassembly of the unit with me and we discovered that a small washer was missing. They sent me one right away and followed up with me to make sure the problem was resolved.
This was my first Cadex product, but because of this level of customer service (and the quality of their products) I’ll be buying my next rifle from them.
Well done!

Patrick, 2022-01-29

We took my new Cadex CDX-R7 SHP out for the first time on the weekend to start the barrel break in process, I had not yet fired a round.
The first shot was beauty for a bore sighted gun, and then a lengthy cleaning pursued (as per my Cadex owner’s manual). Nice crisp trigger, light recoil – similar to my .223 – impressive so far but it got better. I took the 2nd shot, cleaned it, 3rd shot, cleaned it, 4th shot, cleaned it, etc etc until we finished the tenth shot and tenth cleaning.
The last 9 shots were THE SAME HOLE – slightly skewed from perfect, but the same hole…. Not the outer edge of the hole so it looks like a figure 8, the same hole!!!
We could not believe what we saw, our long range group was in awe.
It was 0.125” max center/center on the 9 shots. This target was folded up and put into my drag bag.
Keep up the great work, your program is clearly above anyone.

Ed, 2021-03-02

I had a minor warranty issue with a magazine I purchased from a Cadex dealer.

Contacted Mr. Vincent Roy at Customer Service on Monday 22 February and explained the issue.

He sent a prepaid return label the following day and he shipped a replacement on Wednesday 24 February by Expedited Canada Post.

That is Customer Service.

Thank you to Vincent and the team at Cadex.

Hugh, 2021-03-02

You guys have already gone above and beyond for me. There was an issue on the Dealers side I purchased it from stating that a muzzle brake was included with the Black Friday promo. Turns out it was not. Long story short after I emailed you guys inquiring about this Ryan got in touch with me a offered to send me out a MX1 Brake free of charge.

From what I’ve experienced so far I have to say yes you guys are definitely a cut above any other Firearms manufacturer in the Market!

Thanks again

Scott, 2021-01-15

After many unsuccessful calls, including the company where I bought the hand-guard for my rifle, and thus being unsuccessful in trying to procure extra picantinny rails. I was given the name of you company and the phone number to Mr. R. Pettorsson. He was able to accommodate my needs within a matter of a hour. I am very grateful for his knowledge and experience. I definitely will recommend this company to my colleagues.

George, 2020-09-22

I recently purchased a dual strike chassis for my TRG42, it takes into whole other level! It’s the best $2300 dollars i ever spent! Thank you for such a great product!

Bud, 2020-04-21

I’ve shot many many rifles in my time, for a lot of companies. I just recently got my hands on you’re guys’ gear and I’m blown away. Amazing job. Both my competition rifle got switched over as soon as I used one. Great job.

Matthew, 2020-03-23

Please thank Patrice for putting this remarkable rifle in my hands. I’ve been a Cadex customer since 2013. I have 5 of your rifles. Each one is a remarkable engineering masterpiece.

Alan, 2020-02-17

I wanted to let you know that I’m very happy with the Lite Competition Chassis and MX1 Muzzle Brake. Just finished my build and the fit & finish of the Chassis is great and the Break looks great and is really effective in recoil reduction.

Neil, 2020-02-06

Comparing Cadex to Accuracy International 10 round each rifle 300 Norma Mag.
Hands down Cadex is the winner, after shooting five rounds back to back A-I barrel got very hot and I could not see the target clearly due to mirages from the barrel but Cadex keep on shooting like a champ.

Mr. X, 2020-01-20

It’s a very accurate and high quality rifle. The best I’ve ever shot … and I’ve fired with all the top rifles.

Jan, 2019-12-12

Picked up a cadex CDX Guardian in 6.5CM. I have always been am AI fanatic, but I think Cadex has converted me. This rifle is gorgeous. I have to say one of my favorite components I never see mentioned is that the folding stock has a buffer on it to prevent pinches and slams. Like a fancy cabinet door. Im wierd… I know. I hope I get to keep it, but I have too many rifles.

The woman on cover of the manual is pretty awesome as well.

Benjamin, 2019-12-04

I am looking to purchase a 308 barrel for my Cadex. Could you provide me a quote on what I would need for the purchase. Shot the Kraken last evening (338) and had no issue with hits at a mile. Extreme accuracy. I have several 308 rounds so would like to be able to use those for practice instead of the way more expensive 338.

Denis, 2019-08-20

I’ve been shooting my CDX-R7 Sheepdog for a couple of months now and the results are crazy good. Consistently under half an inch MOA at 100yds, and I’ve been hitting steel at 500 metres without fail. And the recoil is minimal. I’ve been able to shoot it for hours in complete comfort. I’m really thrilled with it. It’s another example of your superior engineering and quality. Thanks so much for supplying me with it. It’s my favorite rifle now. I know that it took you some time to perfect the new stock but it’s a real winner. Lightweight. Great look. And the fit and function are awesome.

Alan, 2019-08-09

Ladies and Gentlemen:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your help, this project is outside the norm for you all and I appreciate not only your help, but your professionalism in all of this.

Sean, 2019-08-07


From your people, yesterday, I was sent a tracking # and info. Awesome service and an awesome firearm! You and your Staff and Company are the best in the World.

From a simple guy who spent 33 years in the Reserves and the same time in a Federal Prison… as a staff… LOL


Ric, 2019-07-11

Hi Patrice,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your support of our accomplishment in connecting at 3,643 yards last Saturday with a Cadex Shadow in .375CT.

We could not be happier with the performance and superb engineering that went into that functional piece of art.

This was a big “Bucket List” item we were able to check off thanks to the hard work and unparalleled expertise of your entire staff.

Thank you again

Travis Nester, 2019-07-03

Hi Tom,

Received the first order today and they are very nice!! I put in a 700 barreled action I already had and it really looks awesome! Really quality system here! I can’t wait to paint them and get them out!!

Again, thank you for the help in getting this done!

Gray, 2019-05-08

Hello Patrice, Thought a great big thank you is in order I’ve received my CDX-40 Shadow (HSB) and its absolutely stunning more than my expectations the quality of the build is second to none you know what is was like at Christmas when you were a kid not being able to take your eyes off your new toy !!! Can’t wait to go shoot it.

Mr. X, 2019-05-06


I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent job you’re doing for us. Not only the support with free parts, but the explanations and information you’re providing is extremely valuable. Also your responsiveness is great. After dealing with many vendors, it’s very refreshing to be engaged with one who’s treating us as good as you are, especially considering the importance of Cadex to our project!

Thank you!

Bryan, 2019-05-02

I wanted to take a minute to write you and the rest of the crew at Cadex, and thank you for providing such a good product, and service.
I received my tremor and accessories today. I have handled a couple rifles in my time, as well as received a few shipped into the shop. I was very impressed with how well packed things were. Everything was in perfect condition, and arrived safely.
I do want to say that I have handled your chassis before, mostly on surgeon receivers and barrels. The fit and finish of this rifle and its accessories are second to no one. It really makes me feel good about getting one of these rifles for myself, as well as offering them to my customers. It is very obvious how much you and the Cadex team care about what they do. This thing is amazing, and I cannot wait to get out and hit the range to run this thing.
Well done! Thank you! And I look forward to using, and passing these great products along to my customers.

Jeff, 2019-04-01

Chassis came in last night. I had to attend a company party with my wife so I couldn’t put my hands on it right away. Got home late still couldn’t touch it. Been up since 4am….

The fit and finish, the details in the instructions, even the packaging….EXCELS!! Everything went together perfect. No fitting, no filing, no loose parts/sloppiness. I’m blown away!

After I got everything put together, no kidding I just took a step back and admired it. AMAZING!! I love it! I’ll be posting pics to IG/Facebook when the sun comes up.

Mr. X, 2019-02-07

Hey Patrice

Hope the holidays were good for you and your family . Wanted to thank you for getting the pins out to us so quickly ! We truest do appreciate your commitment to quality control and satisfaction of your customers.

Steve, 2019-01-05

Hi Patrice,
Enclosed are a few pics of my new Kraken in the wild. This one is a 6mm, 308 and 338 package currently configured as 6mm. It shoots beautifully out to 1000m at 0.6moa. Once I get the loads tuned and get more time behind it I am sure it will perform even better. Awesome rifle, I could not be happier with it.

Glenn, 2018-10-12

Hello, What a fantastic customer service, I really appreciate your efforts to make it work out! We’ll see what ***** comes back with, but it should really be a pity to not be able to pair one of the finest actions with the finest chassis :).

Thank’s a lot!

Markus, 2018-09-28

High marks to your Logistics team for taking such care in the packaging! I have been so pleased with the service provided by Cadex from the beginning order to the final delivery of the product. It’s clear that everyone involved tales great pride in their jobs and in their company. I congratulate you! Have a great weekend!

Peter, 2018-07-16

Merci ! J’avais lu que le service CADEX était au top. Il ne m’aura pas fallu longtemps pour le vérifier. Je me réjouis déjà d’entrer dans le cercle!

Maximilien, 2018-06-11

Good day Patrice,

I would like to thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my e-mail. It was a surprise to hear from you, as I know you are a very busy man. In all the videos I have seen, and all the forums I have read in researching/learning about Cadex, you have always provided very positive and informative feedback. I completely understand your response to my request, as I understand the integrity you would like to maintain with your dealers, and I respect that. The scope base is really the last item on my build….(for now)… and I will reach out to a local dealer to complete that purchase.

Again, I would like to thank you and your company for the excellence parts you supply to the shooting community, in my opinion Cadex is top quality products. I also wanted to comment on the exceptional customer service culture you have at Cadex, from your online store, as well the time YOU have taken to respond, speaks volume of your genuine awareness to please. Of course, I will gladly take you up on your offer – as I would be proud to wear a Cadex t-shirt. (XL). Please.

Thank you again for you time Patrice and I sincerely appreciate your offer, and resect the response you have provide. I’m sure we’ll chat in the near future – especially when it comes to my next build, as it will be another Cadex.

Anthony, 2018-05-24

Can’t go wrong with Cadex and I know you guys always back up customers. Love it! That’s why I went of Tremor instead of Desert Tech HTI. You guys rock! Simple as that.

Hamber, 2018-04-10

I have one of your Cadex Field Strike chassis on my Remington 700 Tactical. The chassis is awesome by the way. Proudly showcase it as Canadian Made. Will be adding the MX1 muzzle brake, and Rem700 2 stage trigger as well. To keep it all “Cadex Canadian” scope rings are next.

Ex-Military, and once again great job on your equipment you supply us. Used parts of it on service rifles, and heavy weapons, while in active service in many parts of the world. Nice to have my own pieces now that I am retired on my AR’s and bolt gun. Saving up for a full Cadex rifle in the future. Lifetime customer right here. Thank You

Mr. Harrison, 2018-04-09

Hi Patrice

I have received the Competition Lite chassis for my Tikka T3 Tac/ 300win.
I can’t express enough how please I am with the design, quality and craftsmanship of the modular rifle chassis Cadex has developed.
The chassis assembly was easy with direction from the supplied manual and tools. (noticed the tools fit the fasteners perfectly)
The fitment of the chassis is that of a custom one off build, fit and finish is flawless.
Customer satisfaction, right down to the packaging and shipping.

In my excitement the next day I headed for the range, -18.
After sighting in and shooting targets I noticed even with my limited knowledge and experience that there is recoil management
developed into the Cadex chassis. (no muzzle break at the time, that’s how I know) Night and day difference from the previous stock.
I’m particular and have attention for detail, I’m impressed !
I feel like I haven’t said enough.

Thank you to everyone at the Cadex Team,
from the first person that takes an order to last person that gets it out the door!
Your commitment to a Superior and complete product is unmatched !

George, 2018-04-05

Hi Patrice,

I realized I didn’t write back but I thought I’d give you an update.

I went through Casey Brouwer with Tactical Ordnance who did some work for me in the past (and a good guy at that too). I received my Cadex CDX-300 in 300 WM in December and finally managed to get some range time with it. I just want to say that this is the best precision rifle I have ever fired to date. You guys have done an amazing job and I’m even more proud that it’s Canadian-made!

The muzzle brake in particular is amazing. Compared with my custom build (and unbraked) Remington 700 in 308, the recoil felt with the CDX-300 in a more powerful 300 WM cartridge was actually less. Also, I was able to get back onto target much quicker. It’s made me think of actually getting my Remington 700 barrel threaded so I can accept a brake for it too.

Anyway, thanks for your help before!

Andrew, 2018-02-12

Hello there, Shawn

I have finally received my chassis after a series of mishaps with ups accidentally dropping a package off and the owner not returning the chassis and you guys expediting an order for me through Buckeye Tactical.

First off, the most sincere, appreciative THANK YOU for Cadex’s staff being so willing to help and get a chassis into my hands. Secondly, dude, this thing is even more beautiful in real life. It’s a shame it’s going to get put through the ringer with me, but it definitely looks as though it can handle it.

Again, this chassis is perfect and I cannot thank you enough for all your help in getting me to this point.

Jeff, 2017-11-13

Hey Patrice!
How are you? I wanted to let you know that the rifle arrived today and WOW, this thing’s a beast! The quality of it is nothing short of amazing. The drag bag is pretty awesome too.
Thanks for the “lucky day” earlier this month and the opportunity to get such a rare beast from you guys!

Jeremy, 2017-10-27

If I need anything, I’ll be sure to let you know. Cadex customer service, specifically your personal customer service, has been stellar to say the least. If I can swing it, my next big gun will be a real Cadex rifle, not just a chassis.
Thanks again

Jeremy, 2017-09-26

Hello Patrice and Peter, hope your guy’s weekend went well. I received the 338 the previous week on Friday, I figured to take a few days off last week for the break in and try the new muzzle brake for the 50. I thought I got lucky with your ’50, but this rifle shoots to, it is “Stupid Accurate!!!”, and, like the ’50 shot the first thing I give it exceptionally well. I was happy but I wasn’t surprised, the feeling was kind of like opening a Christmas present but knowing what’s inside, weird, LOL.

Thanks for the rifles you guys built for me, both these rifle shoot around ½ MOA . I have some nice rifles but these 2 Cadex’s rifles I have, there the best, by a “long shot”. You guys probably haven’t heard this enough but it’s you guys that make that company. Both of you are always friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and when it comes time for repairing of fixing something your service is commendable. Patrice, remember that Bushmaster I had…well, I could thank them now.

James, 2017-09-11

Hi Patrice,

I would just like to thank you for the speedy resolution of my bipod issue.

Although I was expecting to wait a couple of weeks, I received an email on the Thursday saying it was shipped and there was a knock on my door Friday with the delivery.

While I have always been impressed by the quality of Cadex’s products I am totally blown away by the quality of your service.

Thanks & regards

Bob, 2017-09-07

Hi Marie,
It was well received and I decided to simply purchase it and not return the other one, I will be using it. Patrcie and your team provided me with such amazing customer experience, I was extremely happy and impressed. You can safely close this case ?

Charles, 2017-08-29

This is a huge help I really appreciate you taking the time to find that information for me.
Already so impressed with your customer service, can’t wait to have one of your products.
Thanks again

Mr. Robinson, 2017-08-10

Hello Patrice

I am sure there will be some oohs and ahhs at the range. I will most definatley let everyone know about you and your company.
I have never experienced such great customer service. May I give them your email address?

Thank you

Dale, 2017-07-20

Bonsoir Nicolas,
J’ai recu votre envoi en bonne et du forme en fin d’apres midi et je vous remerci de votre service apres vente hors pair. Je doit admettre qu’apres avoir parler 30 secondes avec Patrice je me comptais deja entre bonne mains et je peut moi aussi contribuer une autre histoire de service a la clientele extraordinaire de la part de votre compagnie. Un autre client satisfait et impressionne par votre service.

Charles, 2017-07-20

Thanks, I appreciate you effort and services, by the way you guys make some of best sniper rifles here in Canada, keep-up the good work! Thanks again.

Bekim, 2017-07-06

I was having problems with my trigger in my Cadex and thinking it was time to clean it. I went ahead and put lighter fluid in it, not knowing it would be any different than my Jewell trigger. After which the trigger worked fine for about three rounds then it became extremely have to brake. Afterward the bolt wouldn’t even cock. I called Patrice and told him what had happened. He told me to send the trigger back and he would send me a new one. In the meantime I desided to install my Jewell from another rifle. The Jewell worked well until it too showed the same tigger problems. So I was unclear if the problem was the trigger or the bolt. I contacted Patrice again and told him I would be in Ottawa the next day and I didn’t mind driving to St Jean to drop the rifle off which would save some money and shipping time. He told me to come up, drop the rifle off, we’ll give you a tour of the plant, give you a t-shirt and have your rifle fixed while you enjoy your tour. Even the owner Serge Dextraze spent some time talking with me.

I couldn’t believe this, I was completely shocked. This day and age no company stands by their product like this and agrees to fix it on the spot, except for Cadex. Very well done guys!

John, 2017-06-30

Your product is amazing, I’m excited not only for using them for my personal use, but also introducing them to our customers (my company provides consulting services to LE & military)! It is exactly what I’ve been trying to procure for well over 2 years.

The problem you have is, nobody in the USA knows who you are, and even worse, nobody here knows that you have an outstanding product. In fact, I looked through your website and you have a dozen or more products that are not only unique but solve major problems that gun owners have. These would sell like hot cakes in the US market–whether that is commercially or also to LE & Military.

Anyways, I just wanted to tell you “Job Well Done” BUT also give you a kick in the ass to get your products & company name marketed into the USA for a much larger addressable market, because as it stands you are selling yourselves short!

Rob, 2017-05-17

Salut Patrice,
Je t’écrit pour te dire à toi et toute l’équipe de Cadex Defence que vous faite une sacrément de bonne job! Du support technique qui ont répondu à mes questions ainsi qu’offert un service de vente et après vente parfaite, aux machinistes et techniciens qui ont fabriqués et assemblés le meilleur produit qu’ont peux s’imaginer avoir, et surtout, un produit Québécois !!
Merci encore et encore.

Andy, 2017-05-11

Nicholas, Thank you for the detailed reply. The level of customer service i’ve received from Cadex exceeds most other places i’ve worked with. It’s honestly impressive.

Daniel, 2017-05-02

I shot my gun the other day (Patriot Lite 6.5 Creedmoor). It’s awesome!
Can’t wait to get out to the spot next week to kill more targets.

Hermes, 2017-04-25

Bonjour Patrice,

J’aurais bien aimé te rencontrer pour te serrer la main et te remercier de ton impeccable service à la clientèle, mais je comprends très bien que tu puisses avoir d’autres obligations. Mais ne t’en fais pas, j’ai été très très bien accueilli par toute l’équipe et j’ai même eu droit à une visite privée de l’usine, je n’en espérait pas tant!

J’étais déjà un amateur des produits Cadex, mais après avoir l’attention portée aux détails dans la fabrication et l’assemblage des produits, le tout combiné au meilleur service à la clientèle jamais vécu, je peux affirmer sans contredit que vous avez fait de moi un client à vie et que ma prochaine carabine sera une «vraie» Cadex, et non seulement le chassis.

J’ai également eu la chance de manipuler le prototype du chassis Strike Nuke et j’ai vraiment aimé l’ergonomie. J’espère que vous le produirez bientôt pour les actions tikka, ce serait parfait comme chassis plus léger pour la chasse pour ma 2e carabine tikka (tikka tactical .308).

Merci encore une fois à toi et à toute l’équipe de Cadex, et au plaisir!

Jonathan, 2017-04-18

I ordered my cadex 338 Lapua patriot from Patrice, he gave me a wait time and it was ready faster than the original eta! I honestly can’t say enough about Patrice and those working at cadex every day! Canadian company, supporting our boys over seas, new systems being tested by our special forces, cadex is offered world wide, and I actually saw a movie about a month ago with a cadex in it. If the wait time was a 8 months long, it would have been worth every minute, because when that heavy big box arrives to your front door, you know then, that the fat lady is singing, and it’s time to embrace a moment that thousands may never get to appreciate!

CanadianRouge (nickname), 2017-04-06

Good morning Mr Picard.

I just want to give a personal thank you to yourself, your staff and team working ever so hardly behind at Cadex to ensure your customers are satisfied. Throughout the entire process, I was helped in every single way possible, did not have long wait times on the phone when speaking to representatives, knowledge staff, and payment process was so easy and understanding (when paying for a seven thousand dollar item).
I recently purchased the 338 Lapua Patriot from you and IMPECCABLE!!! I took it out to the range to test fire and have complete trust in the weapon. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to take some photos, but I will here in the future and you have my consent to post on Canadian gun nutz if you want to share with others the rig I have. Thank you again! and thank you from your local Albertan law enforcement members.

Marc, 2017-04-03

I wanted to thank you and express my gratitude on a beautifully made chassis. The CADEX lite strike chassis for my Savage 110BA in 338LM was received last week and installed by my gunsmith over the weekend. I am extremely impressed with the product and my gunsmith who did the conversion for me was also very impressed with the way in which everything was able to come together, the Savage parts fit comfortably and perfectly into the chassis. You certainly made a brilliant product which not only looks good but also functions exquisitely with well thought out adjustments to ensure I am able to fit the rifle to my shooting style and do not have to change my shooting style to be able to use the rifle. Brilliant work Cadex!

Imran, 2017-03-29

I bought a field core and installed it. Very very pleased with the accuracy improvement and weight reduction compared to one of your competitors chassis. Happy I made the switch to Cadex!

Scott, 2017-03-27

With Cadex you are getting an awesome high quality product. But you are also getting great service.

Patrice has been awesome, answering all of my newbie questions on this rifle. I have asked questions on the forum, and in email (mostly email) and he has been awesome.

If I decide to buy another high end rifle it will definitely be a Cadex. I’d like a Guardian Lite in .308

Darryl, 2017-03-07

I just wanted to let you know I ordered a Kraken through ***** this week. I wanted to thank you for answering all my emails as I narrowed down the purchase process for this precision rifle. I’m very excited for when it arrives, specs as follows:

Kraken in tan, 6.5 creedmore, 26″ barrel, 30 MOA rail, cross-hatched bolt knob, DX2 trigger, MX1 muzzle break, and a falcon bipod.

At this rate, I’ll end up with a full 338 Lapua conversion next spring! Again, thank you for the excellent customer service and awesome precision products.

Kevin, 2017-03-06

It’s a fine display of craftsmanship, precision and a passion for perfection. Have a hard time closing the safe door every time I put it back.

Jonathan, 2017-02-27

Mr. Picard, your chassis are well built. I’m extremely happy with my lite strike. Just gotta get the rings and go shoot it soon.

Gary, 2017-02-24

I was called last week by a gentlemen from Cadex concerning this order, and had a very pleasant conversation with him, and your products, and timing of delivery. We also discussed a new drag bag in development, which was very helpful, and looking forward to their availability.

Personally, I found this personal touch very amazing in this day and age, and wanted to indicate to Cadex and its staff, what a great customer service, and customer products that you have. The call was unexpected and not really required (from my point of view), but it was a great feeling that customer support was very apparent to your company.

Please make sure everyone gets the accolades from a very satisfied customer, and keep up the good work at Cadex! (especially the gentleman that called me on the phone).


Kenneth, 2017-02-24

Thank you again for all the help with this. On a side note, the rifle is a work of art as are the bipods. Frankly pictures don’t do them justice. Please also pass on my thanks to Patrice.

Chris, 2017-02-23

Thank you for your patience and time. That says a lot about your company and the customer service you provide. I’m proud to be a Cadex customer. Keep up the fantastic work.

Patrick, 2017-02-02

I received my field strike chassis from you guys around Christmas. I have had the chance to get out and shoot a few times this winter. Just want to take the time to thank you and your team for the excellent product and outstanding customer service you provided me. The quality of the product is top-notch. Its great to be able to buy such a product from a Canadian company. Once again thanks for the outstanding product and service.

Corbin, 2017-01-31

Like I tell all my customers, Cadex has the best rifle and the best customer service in the industry. You guys prove it over and over. It’s a pleasure doing buisness with you guys. I will own a Kraken when my kids stop costing me so much money… have a great day.

Kurt, 2017-01-27

I told you back in November or December that I had picked up a Cadex Field Strike chassis and that I was building up a rifle. Well you told me to send you pics of the finished build. I didn’t want to take any indoor pics as they don’t really seem to do any justice for a rifle like this. I finally got to take the rifle out today to shoot it for the first time. This thing is AMAZING!

Jeremy, 2017-01-18

Awesome platform to work with. Thank you to the hard workers at the Cadex work shop.

Nathan, 2016-12-27

I’m beyond impressed with the quality of the product as well as the customer service. Top notch, thank you and I will definitely be doing more business with your company in the near future.

Roy, 2016-12-20

Awesome visit to Cadex. Had a problem with mating a Cadex AR-10 lower to a new armalite upper and they’re helping me sort it out. Amazing customer service, not technically their problem but they jumped all over issue to try and help a customer. Patrice then gave a great tour of their mind-blowing facility. These guys are the real deal. Start finish the process and materials are top notch down to the hand deburring and finishing. If/when I have the funds for a top of the line rifle, these guys are getting my business.

Rick Katigbak, 2016-12-20

Thanks for your help. Amazing customer service! Proud to be taking my Tikka T3 in a Cadex field strike chassis to National Service Conditions Championships in 2017. I promise not to embarass your chassis 🙂

Rick, 2016-12-15

Just want to say thanks again for getting me the chassis, it arrived promptly yesterday and I could not be happier. It is like a work of art. Can not wait to put it through its paces these coming years.

Jack Chingas, 2016-12-12

Just want to let you know that I received my receiver yesterday and as expected your customer care & service is exceptional.
I have a Wheeler FAT torque wrench so that should aid in getting this chassis assembled correctly.
Thanks again

Ken Andres, 2016-12-09

We’ve built a lot of great rifles on @cadexdefence chassis systems, but this is my favorite. Because it is mine! This is my 308 Win competition rifle. And I was easily hitting an 8″ gong at 646 yards with this setup. Man, these chassis systems just SHOOT!

Accurateordnance (nickname), 2016-11-29

Thanks so much. I love your product. I was a police sniper for about 19 years. We used mostly McMillan M40’s, then A5’s and most recently AI stuff. Privately, I have had your chassis system on four of my own rifles…..FAR SUPERIOR!!

Darren, 2016-11-22

Good morning Sir, I am the lucky owner of a Kit Inverter on my Leupold mk4 and it is awesome… I would like to congratulate you for this gear.
Thank you, best regards

Jonathan, 2016-11-12

This was a great weekend: Starting late Thursday, I started to break the Tremor in as per your guys’ directions in the manual. Took almost 2 full days on 1 shot/total clean x 10. Then almost another day on 2 shots/total clean x 5. Then I went another step further and did a 1 shot, dry patch for 3 shots then total clean 3 times. Then it was time to try this baby out! I zeroed the rifle at 300 with my reloads I use for the my Steyr HS-50… My god it was just a bit over an inch group! I Dry patched it clean and decided to try at 600M. Took a couple of shots to get zeroed. Went down and repainted the steel and that’s when my wife and son had shown up. Went back and shot a 3 round group. Checked out the pic, that circle is 2 ½ inches!

Well, couldn’t shoot anymore that afternoon because camp was “Occupied”, It was time to clean again anyway. Cleaned the T50 that evening as my son Miles wanted to try it out. It snowed that night but in the morning we went back to the 600M. We have a steel Moose just back of the target (just see the hump over his left shoulder) and he shot it just to get the “Feel”. Then shot the steel for a 3 round group. That rifle shoots man! Both of our groups are “Inside” of 2-1/2 inches. That’s using a random load with a hunting bullet (Hornady A-Max), and full length sized (didn’t have no cases yet from that rifle to size for the chamber) If I would’ve know that rifle shot like that I would’ve been phoning you every 2nd day rather that once every few weeks.

On a final note: I made friends with this rifle right off, the only problem I have is there is no “Fun Factor” to get this rifle accurate. It shot factory’s exceptionally well during break in, and then shot my loads for the Steyr, I think maybe better than my Steyr? This rifle is “Boringly Accurate”. LOL. I’m really very happy with the rifle and especially for your service and always being there when I called.

James, 2016-10-11

All in all I am very happy to receive the gun. Of course its Murphy’s law that I am on a set of 5 shifts now so I have not fired a single shot yet but I am taking my time setting up the scope and bipod. Thank you again for all of your support and correspondence throughout this process. The level of professionalism and courtesy shown to me from your company and staff has already been enough for me to make the decision to get another from you folks….stand by for another order. I am also hoping to get your Cadex stocks onto our Rem 700s for the tactical unit here in *** division….That’s my new mission.

Robert, 2016-10-03

Bon vous êtes victime de faire des bons produits et de donner un bon service haha. Je voudrais en commander une 2e pour ma Remington 700 en .308

Jonathan, 2016-09-30

People who saw my rifle on your chassis were all praises on how it looked. But it does not end there, the balance and the dampened recoil made shooting the rifle easy and habit forming. Thank you for building a great/awesome product.

Judd, 2016-07-16

Got the screws, thank you very much, I really appreciate it! Cadex is awesome, your products are outstanding. Keep up the great work.

Joe, 2016-07-16

Je tenais également à féliciter CADEX pour la QUALITÉ et la beauté de votre PATRIOT, je lui ai installé un NIGHTFORCE BEAST 5×25×56, je peux vous assurer qu’aujourd’hui beaucoup de photos doivent se promener sur les réseaux sociaux, et que dire de la fierté de voir notre feuille d’érable sur un produit de qualité reconnue professionnellement.
Encore merci!

JF, 2016-07-11

Just got the chassis, will be installing later this week. It looks beautiful! Thank you very much for your great service and constant updates!

Nic, 2016-07-06

I got my lower receiver on Friday, put it together and shot it a couple days now and I’m very happy with it. Was impressed by the tolerances, everything was very tight for pins going into holes. Great piece of kit. Thanks for an excellent product!

Nick, 2016-06-26

I recently purchased a Savage 10 FCP-SR. After taking it to the range I was disappointed that the rifle averaged 1 MOA to 3/4 MOA. I bought your OT Core chassis and set it up the way I wanted it. I took it to the range and just swapping out the garbage stock with one of your chassis cut the average group size down to 1/3 MOA! I will be purchasing 3 more of your chassis in the future for other rifles I have in the safe.
I LOVE your products and you have made a believer out of me.

Scott, 2016-06-20

I received my Cadex chassis and muzzle break yesterday in perfect condition! I’m very glad you pointed out the upgrade to me, with those extra rails and skeleton stock it is just perfect! I want to thank you very much for the excellent service!
Maybe we can do business again in the future when I start a new project!

Ramon, 2016-06-04

I just wanted to drop an email to say WOW!!! I recently purchased a CDX 33 Tac and am very pleased with how it shoots and handles. You guys have done an amazing job! Factory ammo and hand-loads were shooting a ragged hole at 200m on my first outing. I and 3 other friends were whacking a gong at 750 metres with no trouble at all!!! I’ll say that lots of guys kinda choke at the cost of a system like this. When they think they can do a build and get something comparable to what Cadex is making, they find out that it’s impossible. I’d say that my CDX will shoot head to head with a TRG any day any time, and it’s got waaay more features too. I’m really happy with the purchase.

Travis, 2016-05-19

Châssis très bien conçu et la fabrication est impeccable, c’est la première fois que je n’ai pas à faire de bedding et que ça tire sous la demi moa.
Canon Broughton twist 1-10, chambre Manson en 308, brake badger micro, vortex pst 6-24.
Je suis très satisfait de la qualité du produit Cadex et du service exceptionnel.

J-P, 2016-04-29

I had an opportunity to shoot my Cadex rifle this weekend. It was terrific. Very accurate. Certainly improves my aim. Thanks for making me look good. I did not take photos, but if I had, it would have been of one slightly enlarged bullet hole. 🙂

Marc, 2016-04-25

Un gros merci à vous et vos collègues. Je suis SATISFAIT. Je vais aller tester ma carabine cet après-midi au club. Il va seulement me manquer mon chargeur et ensuite une photo à vous envoyer! MERCI!

Jonathan, 2016-04-22

Cadex takes Customer service to the next level!

So I ordered a Cadex Chassis through a dealer here in Saskatchewan, Not a site sponsor, but the price was right so I jumped! He made a deal on price, and then ordered it for me and said I should have it in hands in 7-10 days. My new Chassis arrived within the time specified by the dealer and that night I broke down the rifle from its original stock and began to put the chassis together. As I was about to install the scope mount I realized that it was in fact the wrong mount as the slot did not line up properly.

I called Cadex directly as I have heard how excellent they are to deal with, spoke with the help desk and he put me in touch with Patrice. I tell you THIS GUY ROCKS!! I had to take some pictures and message them to Patrice, and he did some leg work only to figure out I had the wrong rail, and also found out I had a lower that should not have been sent out. This was end of day Quebec time on Wednesday. He said he would get on it first thing Thursday and would get it out ASAP for me, and if possible overnight it. I followed up with him on Thursday around noon our time to see if he needed anything else. He said It was going out with UPS later that day. This is customer service of the highest level, such that all other companies should strive for!!

HUGE THANKS TO PATRICE and Cadex, I will be buying again! And will be recommending to all! Pic’s to come when I put it together so I can take her out for a shoot this weekend!! Thanks again guys!!

Walleyed99 (Forum nickname), 2016-04-21

I received my dual strike chassis yesterday and I have to say it is nothing short of a fine piece of artwork. I couldn’t be happier with my choice to go with your product. The quality and finish are above my expectations. At first I thought that the price of the chassis was high for what you get but now that I have it in hand I can see why it is so expensive. Worth every penny. Your packaging saved the day as well, it looks like my box took quite a drop as the styrofoam was damaged from the chassis slamming against it. No damage to the chassis though, thanks to your superior packaging. Please share this with those involved in producing my chassis as I am very thankful to those that have taken the time to produce a superior product. Thanks again and I will be ordering your two stage trigger and unitized scope mount shortly.

Chad, 2016-04-17

I am really impressed by your quick and prompt response. I might bother you in case of any further query, I hope you won’t mind. Thank you.

Cage, 2016-04-11

Je me permets de revenir vers vous afin de vous faire part de ma grande satisfaction sur la distribution des équipements CADEX. En effet, Mr Dauphin apporte toute sa passion et sa compétence au travers des échanges que nous avons pu avoir, ce qui donne encore plus de plaisir dans l’achat des produits CADEX. Que ce soit vos chassis dual strike, freins de bouche,vos détentes ..rails, la qualité est au rendez-vous, bien supérieur à tout ce que l’on peut voir …de quoi satisfaire les plus exigeants et les plus pointilleux. TOP
Merci encore pour vos produits fabuleux, et merci à Mr Dauphin vraiment qui en plus d’être très professionnel est en plus très sympathique.

Vincent, 2016-03-25

Patrice has been really professional & everything went smoothly after i sent the payment. I also would like to thank Cadex for the packaging of the product, which is rare. I guess that cadex applied the global customer service that’s needed in the common markets, on his dedicated weapon market, what is part of the reason why you guys are making yourself a name.

I would like to give 5 stars to both of you & will recommend Cadex as well as Delta defence here to any shooters.

Victor, 2016-03-18

Je suis impressionné de votre vitesse de production. Je comprends que vous produisiez (on time) pour éviter les inventaires lourds à supporter. Merci.

Jean-Pierre, 2016-03-18

CADEX: The best customer service ever.

Scraping my jaw off the floor, there is no way, no how, that there is customer service like this in this day and age.
I have bought a Cadex P226 red dot mount and had a few questions how to make my red dot work with this mount, so I emailed them. Imagine my surprise when I received an email from Patrice Picard, their Canadian and International military and law enforcement senior sales manager. Not just an email to explain some details to me, but he went way above and beyond helping me out. I can not tell you how shocked I was. Nowadays everything is about the mighty dollar and he took his time and effort to make my life easier. Thank you. Way to go Cadex. Way to go Mr Picard.

A more than satisfied customer.

Viktor, 2016-03-15

Je t’écris juste un petit mot pour te faire part de ma satisfaction et de mon enthousiasme, quant à l’acquisition de mon sniper rifle! J’ai été surpris quand Londero m’a appelé, le vendredi 26 Février pour me dire que ma .338 Lapua était arrivée en magasin ! Je leur ai demandé si c’était bien une Cadex CDX-33 Patriot Lite, n’étant pas sûr qu’elle soit déjà rentrée … Tu m’avais laissé voir entre 3 et 4 mois d’attente, et cela a pris seulement un mois et 3 semaines . J’étais ravi de pouvoir en profiter plus tôt . Je suis monté chez mon gendre et le samedi matin, on allait la chercher. On s’est empressé d’installer mon nouveau télescope ( un Vortex Razor Gen II, 4.5 x 27 x 56 mm) le samedi après-midi, et le dimanche matin, on allait au club de tir pour commencer le rodage de mon nouveau set-up …Il faut dire que ça faisait plusieurs semaines que mes nouvelles cartouches étaient rechargées et prêtes à faire cracher la Patriot !… Incroyable : la douceur, le peu de recul pour une .338 par rapport à ma TRG-22, sa stabilité après le tir… Je pense être un bon représentant pour Cadex, parce que j’en ai rendu plusieurs malades, et intéressés, dont mon gendre qui va se gâter d’ici aux prochaines semaines … Pour lui, ça va être une CDX-30 Guardian !
Au plaisir de se voir un de ces jours!

André, 2016-03-11

It’s been a real pleasure dealing with Cadex and their Senior Sales Manager, Mr. Patrice Picard. I’ll have nothing but great things to say about you guys.
Thank you so much.

Gary, 2016-03-10

Thanks for being so FAST! The rifle arrived early, showed up today, so I popped in and paid for it and picked it up. The scope mount wasn’t with it for some reason so I know Jeff called you about that. I know he ordered it at the same time because we had been discussing via e-mail prior and he called you guys when I came in to discuss the scope mount and we ordered everything at the same time. Asked if I wanted the brake or not (I said I did) what colours, what trigger (dual or single stage), what bolt handle, and he had the part #’s for the scope mount handy too.

He was REALLY impressed with the quality and fit and finish of the rifle and said he’ll be ordering one in for the store to have in stock so hopefully he’ll be able to get you guys some more sales in this area. It got a LOT of attention from the customers there even just sitting on the counter.

Also, since you now have a 50BMG, that’ll be my next purchase, probably next year.

Really impressed with CADEX and you in particular, you’ve gone above and beyond multiple times and it is greatly appreciated!


Christopher, 2016-03-08

I love that Cadex is a Canadian Company and that you do what you do. The chassis I purchased is great looking, very easy to install and as I said before very well presented in the shipping box. Your contact during the purchasing process and throughout has been excellent as well. I truly wish you continued and growing success. Have a great day.

Glen, 2016-03-05

I heard you guys were good and fast but this is unreal, gotta be a world record for fastest customer support ever! Thank you so much!

Rob, 2016-02-15

That’s no problem, thanks for letting me know i’ll probably be placing my order in a few weeks. You have awesome customer service. Thanks again.

Corbin, 2016-01-21

The overall quality is outstanding on my Dual Strike. There is clearly a very large amount of machine time involved in the manufacture of it – it is a really beautiful piece. And as a Bombardier engineer, I like to support export-oriented industry in Quebec – we are all in this together.

I wish all the best for you and your company for 2016.

Michael, 2016-01-12

I finally got some spare time to enjoy your products and every time I pull my Dual Strike out of my pelican case it puts a huge smile on my face. Sorry I haven’t got back to you sooner, but I had an extremely busy summer. Rob Furlong has a range set up 5kms from my north place, we were weaning calves at the neighbours place and in pulls Rob to give us the heads up that they were going to be making some noise. And of course he had some of your rifles there, now I want one. Anyway, I just wanted you to know every time I take my 308 out it attracts attention like a Ferrari in the mall parking lot. I still haven’t even done the barrel swap simply because your chassis made the thing shoot to good.
Thanks for your time.

Mike, 2015-11-03

The parts I required for the DX2 trigger showed up today. The installation took only a few minutes and the parts fit and function perfectly.
For a company to look after such a small request as fast as you and your team did is rare these days. I thank you again for your excellent service.
I look forward to doing more business in the near future with Cadex Defense.

Bob, 2015-09-14

My name is Mike, and I wanted to build a mid-range rifle for quite some time. I chose to go with a Savage model 10 FCP-SR and Vortex optics (6-24x50mm). The hardest part of the build for me was sourcing a muzzle brake, as I live in BC, Canada, weapon platforms and accessories are far and few between. After countless hours of scouring the internet I fell on to a Canadian company named Cadex Defense. This was the PERFECT fit for the rifle, function and looks together. I’m more than happy, this brake performs WAY above expectations and I will be a life long customer because of the product and service that I have received. Thank you Cadex for being a Canadian company and for providing outstanding products and service.

Mike, 2015-08-27

I just wanted to say that I greatly appreciate the upgraded shipping, I like spending my money with a company that has great customer service! Thank you!

Mark, 2015-08-18

I am so excited to shoot my new Cadex Lite Strike 300 wm build, what a nice chassis, I also have a Cadex Lite Strike for my rem 700 223. I will send pics real quick. You guys are amazing with your quality products. Thanks for your support.

Jim, 2015-08-08

Just wanted to give Cadex and Patrice a big thank you for the help they offered while ordering my chassis and muzzle break. Patrice was very knowledgeable and made sure the right parts were sent and even sent some extra top rail screws in case they were the different size Remington uses.

They quickly got my chassis, modified and painted it for the longer .338 LM magazines and had it out in no time. After receiving the package, it was in great packaging and came with all the necessary Allen keys and loc-tite to complete the install.

Impeccable fit and finish. Can’t wait to test this bad boy out.

SudburyShooter (Nickname), 2015-07-15

Merci beaucoup, je ne m’attendais pas à une réponse si rapide. Je vais passer ma commande sous peu, je ne suis pas pressé, la carabine est toujours en transit. Sérieusement chapeau pour le service à la clientèle! Probablement le meilleur de l’industrie au Canada!
Encore une fois merci.

Philippe, 2015-07-13

Called Patrice today as I am off. Super friendly fella. I was the one who was in a hurry to get off the phone as I figured he’d be busy. Not him. Even knew my rifle when I told him who I ordered from. That was impressive.

Max, 2015-06-19