The CDX-40 Shadow action is designed to withstand the extreme needs of military and ELR shooters for the 375/408 CT class of ammunition. With its 1.60” diameter and 10” length this action can handle the heaviest barrels out there. The bolt features a 3-lug design with oversized extractor and double ejectors to insure solid lock up and consistent ejections every time. The CDX-40 is designed to feed from a Cadex magazine making for fast follow up shots at extreme distance. Actions come with a 20 MOA rail secured by 10-32 oversized screws and machined in recoil lug to prevent any movement. The CDX-40 action is a proprietary Cadex footprint, we do offer CDX-40 bottom metal for traditional stocks as well.
shadow action


  • Machining: CNC
  • Length: 10″
  • Diameter: 1.600″
  • Thread: 1 3/16″-18 tpi
  • Hardness: 41-43 HRC
  • .350″ hardened steel recoil lug
  • 10-32 top rail screws
  • Includes a 20 MOA stainless steel Picatinny rail
  • Oversize bolt stop pin
  • Unique top rail localisation system with integrated recoil groove machined into the action upper section
  • Magazine cut out: Cadex DSSF
  • Cadex footprint
  • Compatible with most Rem style triggers
  • Deep laser engraving markings


  • Machining: CNC
  • Firing pin: Cadex design with improved locktime
  • Cadex heavy duty extractor
  • Ejectors: Rem style double ejectors
  • Easy 1/4 turn tool-free bolt disassembly
  • Hardness: 43-45 HRC
  • Easy firing pin assembly replacement
  • Shroud: Cadex design with 2 position top safety
  • Operating handle: Multiple bolt knob styles
  • Bolt stop: Cadex design
  • Spiral fluted 3 lug bolt with 60° bolt throw for rapid cycling
  • Cadex design cocking piece
  • Bolt face type E
CDX-40 Shadow action
CDX-40 Shadow action

CDX-40 Shadow actionTriple recoil lug system
CDX-40 Shadow actionEasy firing pin assembly replacement
CDX-40 Shadow action

CDX-40 Shadow Action Part#: CDX40-SHDW-ACT-TE
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Dimensions: 10.65″ x 3.65″ x 3.67″ (26.29 x 9.27 x 9.32 cm)
Weight: 3.69 lbs (1671 grams)
Material: Stainless 416


CDX-40 Weights

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