Cadex offers a wide variety of surveillance kits. Customers may request other mounting options to fill their particular requirements.
Specially designed for the sniper or surveillance team, the Surveillance Kit decreases the amount of weight carried. The Surveillance Kit is easy to manipulate during extreme cold weather conditions and in darkness. The Cadex Surveillance Kit is convenient and easy to operate. Its adjustment system allows the operator to easily fine tune the component’s placement. The Surveillance Kit’s pivoting camera mount allows the operator to set up for photographic surveillance in a matter of seconds. Sighting scope inversion means your head is not the most visible point in your sighting system.

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Surveillance Kit Cadex

2700-KIT5Surveillance Kit 2700 Complete system (Part I/B/C/D/E/F/J)
2322-BSurveillance Kit Extension
2322-CSurveillance Kit Centre Rail
2322-DSpacer for Inverter Kit
2322-EExtra Side Rail for Inverter Kit
2322-F3 rails Inverter Kit
2322-ISurveillance Kit Front Section [2700 Model]
2322-JSurveillance Kit Back Section [2700 Model]
2322-KAdaptor for Rifle Scope
2322-PInverter Kit to Picatinny Adaptor

Spotting Scope inverter attachment
Spotting scope cradle mount
Push button sling mount
Pivoting camera mount
Quick adjust button
Multiple tripod mounts
Quick release knobs
Camera Mount
Camera height adjuster
Surveillance Kit [Complete System 2700-KIT5]

Dimensions: 30.185″ x 4.91″ x 11.42″
76.67 x 12.48 x 29.01 cm
Camera pivot angle: 45°
Weight: 4.54 lbs
2061 Grams
Material: Nylon ST-801 Black
Surveillance Kit

Adaptor Block
Adaptor Block for 40x Leupold Spotter Scope Goldring
Part#: 2322-H147

Adaptor Block
Adaptor Block for 60x Swarovski Spotter Scope
Part#: 2322-H146

Adaptor Block
Adaptor Block for
Canon Camera

Part#: 2322-H144

Adaptor Block
Adaptor Block for Coral-CR-C
AN/PAS 503

Part#: 2322-H150

Adaptor Block
Adaptor Block for LRF Vectronix PLF25C
Part#: 2322-H149

Adaptor Block
Adaptor Block for Vector Laser Range Finder (Vectronix)
Part#: 2322-H145

Surveillance Kit
Surveillance Kit

Please see your local dealer/distributor for pricing and details.