Cadex has worked with conventional Military and Special Forces, successfully delivering to a broad range of customers worldwide. Cadex works with the customer as a team to identify the mission requirements in order to produce the product.
Cadex’s design and manufacturing team ensure the customer has access to leading edge technology.
When creating the design, Cadex’s R&D department works seamlessly with the production department to ensure the manufactured item meets the customer’s requirement no matter what the complexity.
Cadex’s R&D department initial design is quickly turned into a prototype for customer evaluation. Cadex can use it’s 3D printing, molding, and machining capabilities to produce a broad range of prototypes.
Cadex can call upon its in-house capabilities to produce a broad range of products. This includes weapon components, tactical breaching equipment, gun stocks, recoil management systems and precision mounts for electro-optic systems.
Cadex provides the edge needed when you need it most.Our equipment is in service worldwide.
With Cadex every product comes complete with knowledgable customer support. Our quick and efficient staff is known worldwide for its legendary quality of service as well as its uncomprimising discretion.