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The Cadex Gen2 Unitized Scope Mounts provide a rock-solid optic mounting solution for precision rifles. These are machined from a solid one-piece aluminum billet for maximum rigidity and perfect alignment between the front and rear rings. The Gen2 models use a 6-screw pattern and are modular so that you can interchange front and rear top rings. We offer these mounts in both standard and quick-detachable (QD) variants.

Target distances are getting farther, calibers are more powerful than ever and riflescopes are constantly getting heavier. For these reasons, a top-quality scope mount is arguably the most important element of a precision rifle package. If the mount does not hold the scope perfectly aligned with your point of aim, moves even just a hair, you will never hit that long-range target.

  • The Standard base is the most worry-free and economical way to mount an optic on a Picatinny top rail.
  • The Quick-Detachable base allows the scope mount to be removed and reinstalled rapidly with a minor shift of point of aim. This is a great way to reuse one optic on multiple different rifles.


  • The Standard top ring is a plain rounded design.
  • The Bubble level top ring is a must-have item for any rifle intended to shoot long distances. The bubble indicator allows the shooter to level his rifle and eliminates possible canting errors.
  • The Bubble Level/Cosine Indicator top ring is the ultimate combination. It provides the shooter with canting indication and cosine angle measurement in order to apply the right corrections.