10-32 Time-Sert Repair Kit

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*If you need 1/4-28 kit, please contact Cadex customer service.

You went too fast and cross-threaded a screw? You didn’t respect the recommended torque and broke a Time-Sert? This kit is for you.


  • 1x    Time-Sert extractor
  • 1x    Time-Sert driver
  • 6x    Short Time-Serts
  • 6x    Long Time-Serts

*Red Loctite® highly recommended (not included)

You are mechanically inclined and wish to add some Time-Serts where it wasn’t designed for? You’ll also need:


    • 1x    Drill #21
    • 1x    Helicoil Tap 10-32
Weight 0.57 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in