The Cadex M2 Cradle Mount has been developped to provide an easy to operate and affordable mounting solution for the Browning M2.


  • A: Micro-adjustable elevation system with 1 mil increment per click.
  • B: 2-point balanced mounting system. SOLO Optic enhancement package ready.
  • C: Blackened stainless steel Machine Gun mounting pins.
  • D: User-friendly threaded traverse locking mechanism.
  • E: Responsive clutch locking elevation mechanism.
  • F: Standard military ammo box plate.
  • G: Standard M2 pintle adaptor.
  • H: Mark 93 Adaptor Kit – M240/M249.
  • I: M249 ammo box adaptor plate.

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M2 Cradle Mount

Dimensions:20″ x 13.75″ x 15″
 50.8 x 34.93 x 38.1 cm
Weight:50.1 lbs
 22 725 grams
Material:Steel / Cerakote Paint