The Falcon Lite bipod is the result of an extensive product development project for a military unit. Their snipers were in need of a light bipod, solid, stable and featuring both a panning and canting capability. At less than 400 grams, the Falcon Lite features a quick-detach (QD) Picatinny mount, a tensioning lever, telescopic aluminum tube legs and modular feet attachments. This bipod has a very wide footprint spread and some of the tightest machining tolerances on the market making it the most stable lightweight bipod you'll find. The modular locking feet attachments are a must to adapt to any shooting surfaces.

falcon lite bipod
Fast deployment legs without buttons to push.
Ultra tight machining tolerances for maximum stiffness
and reduced free play.
Reversible legs for choice of index or thumb push button operation.
Easy to operate canting and panning lever.
Cant angle +/- 13.5° (27° total) Pan angle +/- 15° (30° total)
Folds/deploy forward, rearward 45° or standard 90°
Height adjustable from 6.25″ to 9″.
Incredibly stable (width from 10.5″ to 13.5″).
Standard feet, optional claws or optional spikes.


Falcon Lite Bipod
QD Picatinny mountQD Picatinny mount
Telescopic legsTelescopic legs (9 positions)
Adapter blockIncludes a fast dismantle adapter capable to block the panning feature while maintaining the canting feature

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Falcon Lite Bipod Part#: 7431-K102
*All chassis and rifles with Picatinny rail

Shortened: 10.53″ x 3.31″ x 6.24″
26.76 x 8.4 x 15.91 cm
Extended: 13.55″ x 3.31″ x 8.88″
32.99 x 8.4 x 22.56 cm
Folded: 8.43″ x 4.49″ x 1.74″
21.41 x 11.41 x 4.41 cm
Weight: 0.88 lbs
399 grams
Material: Aluminum 6061-T6

Optional ClawsFalcon Claws
Part#: 7431-K104
Optional SpikesFalcon Spikes
Part#: 7431-K106
Leg Extension KitLeg Extension Kit
Part#: 7431-K108

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