Sniper’s Hide at Cadex’s Shop

Sniper's Hide, LLC takes you inside our shop to show just how much thought and attention to detail goes into making our top of the line Rifles and Chassis. Click the image below to access the video! Stay tuned for more in-depth videos coming soon!

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Cadex at the 2016 RAMPART Range day

Cadex is proud to share a video of Rampart Range Day 2016. We had a blast at this well organised event and we are looking forward to the 2017 edition. A great way to thank Rampart International for their great work is for this video to get maximum exposure so please take a minute to

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Long Distance Shooting Competition MEAFORD 2016

Cadex is happy to provide a CDX-30 GUARDIAN TAC 308 Win precision rifle as give away prize for the first Canadian PRS match to occur in less than 10 days at the 4th Canadian Division Training Center (Meaford, Ontario). We wish the best of luck to all the competitors and we’re looking forward to let

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CADEX – 2016 TYR Tactical tour

*-English below-* Cadex tient à remercier les agents des forces de l’ordre présents à notre première édition du TYR Tactical Tour qui avait lieu hier chez Cadex avec la collaboration d’Agence Gravel. Ce fût un plaisir de vous rencontrer et de vous donner une visite guidé de l’usine Cadex, vous démontrant ainsi nos produits innovateurs

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