The CDX-50 Tremor action is a massive action at almost 12” long and 2” in diameter, precision CNC machined from a solid piece of stainless steel. The CDX-50 action was designed from the ground up to offer extreme accuracy and consistency not seen before in a 50 BMG sized action. Our 4-lug design and 50 degree bolt through is the fastest running bolt on the market in this class of actions. Combine this with Cadex designed firing pin assembly for faster lock times, oversized extractor and double ejectors, for an action that can handle the demanding needs of military and targets shooter equally. The CDX-50 is a proprietary Cadex footprint, we do offer a CDX-50 bottom metal for traditional stocks as well.


  • Machining: CNC
  • Length: 11.9″
  • Diameter: 1.960″
  • Thread: 1 1/2″-18 tpi
  • Hardness: 41-43 HRC
  • .420″ hardened steel recoil lug
  • 10-32 top rail screws
  • Includes a 20 MOA stainless steel Picatinny rail
  • Oversize bolt stop pin
  • Unique top rail localisation system with integrated recoil groove machined into the action upper section
  • Magazine cut out: Cadex SSSF
  • Cadex footprint
  • Compatible with most Rem style triggers
  • Deep laser engraving markings


  • Machining: CNC
  • Firing pin: Cadex design with improved locktime
  • Cadex heavy duty extractor
  • Ejectors: Rem style double ejectors
  • Easy 1/4 turn tool-free bolt disassembly
  • Hardness: 43-45 HRC
  • Easy firing pin assembly replacement
  • Shroud: Cadex design with 2 position top safety
  • Operating handle: Multiple bolt knob styles
  • Bolt stop: Cadex design
  • Spiral fluted 4 lug bolt with 50° bolt throw for ultra-fast cycling
  • Cadex design cocking piece
  • Bolt face type F
Tremor Receiver
Tremor Bolt

Triple Recoil LugTriple recoil lug system
Firing pinEasy firing pin assembly replacement
Tremor Rifle Action

CDX-50 Tremor Action Part#: CDX50-TRMR-ACT-TF
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Dimensions: 12.32″ x 3.88″ x 3.93″ (31.29 x 9.86 x 9.98 cm)
Weight: 5.44 lbs (473 grams)
Material: Stainless 416


CDX-50 Weights

MSRP* starting at| $2 199.95 / $2 329.95

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