The Cadex CDX-R7 CPS Series is designed around the ultra-fast CDX-R7 action. Law Enforcement agencies around the world are in need of a “covert” type short/medium range sniper rifle package, capable to be discreetly carried to their spotting location without alarming the population. The takedown push-button system on the QD Skeleton buttstock makes it very compact and easy to carry. In the case of a threat in crowded areas, the CDX-R7 CPS is a guardian angel.
CDX-R7 CPS Series
Ready to accommodate an optional muzzle brake and suppressor.
Muzzle Brake
Small contour fore-end tube providing rail placement at 3, 6 and 9 O’clock.
Small Fore-end Tube
Spiral fluted bolt 4 lug with 50° bolt throw.
Material : Stainless 416
Sheepdog bolt
A: Oversized cross hatch bolt knob (0.85″ x 2.97″)
D: Rounded knob (0.98″ x 2.98″)
bolt knobs
In order for Cadex to offer the best extreme long range sub-MOA precision rifle, we selected Bartlein Barrels. Teamed with our Cadex designed 1.238” heavy barrel straight taper with barrel band and threaded muzzle for slip on suppressor or muzzle brake. All Cadex barrels are 5R Mil-Spec Match Grade Single point-cut rifling with an optimized twist rate.
Heavy duty recoil lug. Recoil Lug
DX2 Evo Selectable Single/Double Stage: The Cadex DX2 Evo trigger is a Double Stage Trigger capable to be rapidly converted into a Single Stage Trigger by its operator. Its trigger pull weight can be easily adjusted between 1.5 to 2.5 lbs. If you haven’t figured yet if you prefer a Single Stage or Double Stage Trigger, you can’t go wrong with the DX2 Evo.
Ultra-fast takedown push-button mechanism.
Fully tool-free adjustable QD Skeleton Buttstock.
Multiple magazine sleeves are available to fit most magazine types on the market.
Magazine Sleeve
Removable for trigger maintenance or tuning without need to remove your action and lose your zero.
Detachable Base
Finger grooved rubberized Cadex Grip.
Oversized trigger guard and magazine release for easy manipulation with gloves.
Trigger Guard
Based on 16.5″ barrel without muzzle brake
Dimensions: 33.5″ x 4″ x 7.89″
85.09 x 10.16 x 20.04 cm
Without buttstock: 26.74″ x 4″ x 7.89″
67.9 x 10.16 x 20.04 cm
Weight: 10.49 lbs
4750 grams

CDX-R7 SHP Series
**The CDX-R7 short and long actions are designed to run standard large rifle primers.
Aftermarket brass using small rifle primers design aren’t recommended**

CPS Calibers
*CIP chambers on demand

Optional Muzzle Brake
MX2 Self Timing Tactical Muzzle Brake

Optional Muzzle Brake
MX1 Muzzle Brake

Arca tripod adaptor
Arca tripod adaptor
Part#: 03127-960-K1

RC2 tripod adaptor
RC2 tripod adaptor
Part#: 03127-962-K1

Arca Elite Rail
Arca Elite System Picatinny Rail Kit
Part#: AES-PRK431

Arca Elite Stud
Arca Elite System Bipod Stud Kit
Part#: AES-BSK431

ELR Bag Rider
Part#: 03127-950-K1

Centre Accessory Rail Kit
Centre Accessory Rail Kit
Part#: 03127-A083-K2

Centre Bipod Rail
Centre Bipod Rail
Part#: 03127-A019

9 inch Bipod Rail
9″ Bipod Rail
Part#: 03127-K015

hard case
Hard Case
Part#: 175-00057-TAN (without foam)
Part#: 175-00058-TAN (with cut-out foam)

chamber flag
Chamber Flag
Part#: 175-00075-FLG

padded rifle sling
Padded Rifle Sling
Part#: 3850-K002

Universal Chassis Screw Kit
Universal Chassis Screw Kit
Part#: 03127-K013

Time-Sert Repair Kit
Time-Sert Repair Kit
Part#: 03127-K029
MSRP* $4 479.95 / $4 669.95

*MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is only used as an indicator. Actual price may vary depending on the region.
Please confirm pricing with your local dealer/distributor