Tundra Strike

Hunting Style
Fixed Stock

The Tundra Strike rifle stock is designed with backcountry hunters in mind. Unlike other manufacturers out there aiming at the absolute lightest materials available, Cadex oriented this rifle stock towards a perfect balance between weight reduction, rigidity, and no compromise on stability. The Tundra Strike is an affordable rifle stock with the right features at the right place offering unbeatable value for your money. The rifle stock is polymer injected with our special recipe of fibers to produce a lightweight yet extremely stiff rifle stock blank. Within the polymer rifle stock blank is molded in aluminum bedding blocks among which is CNC machined the magazine housing and recoil lug pocket to ensure a perfect alignment. This production process is so precise that no bedding compound is required. No need to be a gunsmith to do it, it is a 2 minutes installation process similar to our chassis systems. Designed to fit the CDX-R7 actions, Rem 700, and clones. No bedding job is required.


Dimensions:30.83″ x 1.72″ x 5.71″ (78.28 x 4.36 x 14.51 cm)
Weight (±) :2.6 lbs (1179 grams)

Available Colors

Black (BLK)

Tan (Tan)

O.D. Green (ODG)

Stealth Shadow Vortex (SSV)

Sniper Grey (GRY)

Stormtrooper White (WHT)

Burnt Bronze (BRZ)

Burnt Bronze (BRZ)

Robin's Egg Blue (EGG)

NRA Blue (NRA)


For more information, please refer to our Catalog (pdf-format or flipbook), or contact us at customerservice@cadexinc.com

Features and Specifications

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Fore-end tube

Click to see the barrel contour dimensions
From the lower receiver to the fore-end tube end: approx. 8.5″ where indicated by the blue arrow. Maximum barrel diameter: 0.770″ – 0.950″

Aluminum bedding blocks

Aluminum bedding blocks. No bedding required.


Cadex recoil pad and neoprene cheek pad.


Rubberized grip insert.

Trigger guard

Oversized trigger guard and magazine release for easy manipulation with gloves.

Color Schemes

* Other platforms & calibers are available upon request.

* Cadex chassis does not include any magazine. Magazines must be ordered separately.