Chassis Systems

The Strike Pro is the latest addition to our extensive chassis line-up. It is the ultimate chassis for professional PRS shooters as well as for amateurs competing at regional matches. The Strike Pro combines all features needed for positional shooting games where every second matters.

The Tundra Strike rifle stock is designed with backcountry hunters in mind. Unlike other manufacturers out there aiming at the absolute lightest materials available, Cadex oriented this rifle stock towards a perfect balance between weight reduction, rigidity, and no compromise on stability.

The Cadex Strike Nuke Evo micro-chassis system is designed for shooters looking for traditional stock ergonomics while benefitting from the advantages of chassis systems. The Strike Nuke Evo is a Rem 700 footprint stock adaptable to most Rem 700 custom action clones and Cadex R7 Series actions.

Ultimate sniper rifle chassis system currently in use worldwide by special operations units and long-range shooters.

Same ultimate sniper rifle system as the Dual Strike model but with emphasis on weight reduction. A small contour fore-end tube can fit up to a 1.350″ O.D. barrel.

The Lite Competition Series are open top chassis designed to fit all Remington 700 clone actions and a few other models. Perfect for custom actions with integrated top rail it features a mirage mitigation technology fore-end with more bipod placement possibilities.

The Field Competition chassis features an open top design to easily adapt most Rem 700 custom clone actions. Perfect for custom actions with integrated top rail, it incorporates a longer mirage mitigation technology fore-end for more bipod placement possibilities. 

Rugged Law Enforcement sniper rifle system with full rail capability and aluminum detachable base. Delivered with full-length 20 MOA top rail and accessory rails at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock.

Discontinued models

(Available on request until supplies last – Contact us for price and availability)

Compact and ultralight shooting platform perfect for urban sniping and varmint hunting. Quick detach buttstock system for ease of transportation.

Rugged, naked, and ready for customizing to shooter’s preferences. Tactical Core model features an aluminum detachable base.

The OT Core is perfect for customers looking for all the benefits of a rifle chassis system but wishing to customize it with their own stock model, grip, and scope mount.

The Field core is the solution for shooters who like to customize their guns