The Cadex Recoil Rail (new patent) provides electro-optic devices with protection from firing shock of hard recoiling weapons, such as the M2 .50 calibre machine gun and large calibre sniper weapons. The Cadex Recoil Rail uses a patented buffer system to absorb approximately 30% of the peak recoil forces which would otherwise be transferred to the mounted optic.
Recoil Rail
Absorbs approximately 30% of peak recoil forces.

Returns the electro-optic to its original position after firing.

Increases life expectancy of electro-optic devices.

Custom interfaces available for a variety of devices.

Reduces the blur effect of iron sights when firing in full automatic mode.
Cadex Recoil Rail

Cadex Recoil Rail

Dimensions: 6.10″ x 1.73″ x 0.40″
15.50 cm x 4.40 cm x 1.01 cm
Weight: 0.412 lbs
187 Grams
Material 6061-T6 Aluminum
Fort Benning Tests New Heavy Weapon Accessories
Fort Benning Tests of New Heavy Weapon Accessories

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