The Cadex MG Vehicle Arm attaches to the multi-position MG support using its ACMAT pintle. It allows the mounting of a machine gun at two different locations, either at the end of the arm or at its center section using the NATO pintle. A fast release button is used to lock/unlock the MG pintle instead of the traditional push pin. Two tension adjustment knobs are used to restrain free movement of the machine gun depending on its weight. The MG Vehicle Arm is a low profile system that can deploy in a couple of seconds for fast target engagement and can fold rapidly for transport. This is the ultimate MG mount and no other arm offers as much adjustability.
MG Vehicle Arm
Cadex Mutli-position MG support allows the mounting of the machine gun vehicle arm to be adjusted rapidly to fit operator’s ergonomics.

Internal piston controls the rising speed of the machine gun.

Alows 12″ of adjustment with 1″ increments.

Features a locking knob and a tension lever.

Multiple vehicle brackets can be offered to fit different

vehicle models.

MG Vehicle Arm
MG Mounting Location
Lock/Unlock Button
Tension Adjustment
MG Vehicle Arm Part#: 05573-A112
Dimensions: 24.28″ x 15.25″ x 9.05″
61.67 x 38.73 x 22.97 cm
Weight: 13.1 lbs
5940 Grams
Material: Manganese Phosphate Steel / Aluminum 6061-T6
Multi-Position MG Support Part#: 05573-A111
Dimensions: 38.03″ x 26.03″ x 3.75″
96.60 x 66.12 x 9.54 cm
Weight: 6.78 lbs
3075 Grams
Material: Manganese Phosphate Steel

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