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The Cadex line of Falcon bipods have been designed to provide ultimate stability. These bipods are packed with features to suit any terrain or rifle platform.

Cadex Unitized Scope Rings provide a rock solid mount for sniper optics with multiple applications for flat-top ARs and bolt action rifles.

The New Cadex MX2 Self Timing Muzzle Brake design comes from the need to offer a muzzle brake small enough to fit inside a compact suppressor design. Cadex has moved away from crush washers in favor of a locking ring…

The Cadex MX1 muzzle brake is designed to deflect the muzzle blast away from the shooter and his spotter. Gases exit sideways and upwards to reduce felt recoil and improve rifle control. Multiple bore sizes are available from .223 cal to 50 BMG.

The 10-32 and the M-LOK stackable chassis weights allow shooters to balance their rifle perfectly. Competitive shooters have known for years the benefits of a well balanced gun and additional weight for reducing felt recoil. Weights are made from stainless steel and weigh in at 300 grams (0.67 lb) per pair. The PRO fore-end weights…

With over a year of input and development, Cadex is releasing the ARCA Elite System (AES). The AES system is designed for quick smooth manipulation that locks up solid. Using two stainless pins the AES clamp locks into the precision-machined serrations down the center of the ARCA Rail…

With the growing popularity of PRS-style shooting competitions came a huge selection of aftermarket accessories using the M-LOK technology. With more possible positioning than any other system, the M-LOK system offers a true benefit for the competition shooter.

The skeleton stock variant is compatible with most of our chassis models. These folding or fixed stocks remain fully adjustable while staying lightweight.

Available in Tan, Black, or OD Green. Fits any Mil-spec retractable extension tube.

All of our bottom metals are made in-house from an aluminum billet. They are stronger, more reliable, and of better quality than most bottom metals on the market.

PRS shooters and snipers share the same challenge in the field. Finding a stable shooting position is often impossible and this is when a ruggedized tripod is a must. The Cadex Arca & RC2 Adaptors bolt on the lower receiver of most of our rifles and chassis to perfectly balancing them on the tripod.

Selection of military-grade magazines made of steel. Easy to clean and treated with solid anti-corrosion coating. These magazines fit most commercial calibers on the market and many specialty calibers.

The Cadex DX2 EVO trigger is a Double Stage Trigger capable to be rapidly converted into a Single Stage Trigger by its operator. Its trigger pull weight can be easily adjusted between 1.5 to 2.5 lbs. If you haven’t figured out yet if you prefer a Single Stage or Double Stage Trigger, you can’t go wrong with the DX2 EVO.

Cadex quick-detachable Sling Swivel Mounts accept all common types of push-button QD swivels available on the market…

The Cadex 9″ bipod rail allows more mounting positions than a conventional 3.5″ bipod rail. It fits most of our chassis and rifle models.

Modular Rail Kits in 3 inches and 5 inches are designed to fit on Cadex modular products. They fit our chassis and 870 modular fore-end.

The Cadex 4.2 inch and 6 inch Carbine Picatinny Rails attach to the handguard of the M4/C8 Carbine or M16/C7 rifle to provide a sturdy Picatinny rail for mounting grips, lasers, and other accessories.

The Cadex Vertical Folding Grip and Stubby Grip provide the operator with a weapon hold that is adaptable to changing tactical conditions.

The Cadex Fore-End Rail for the Heckler & Koch MP5 provides the operator with a solid mounting platform for weapon accessories.

The Cadex Glass Punch provides users with a rapid means of breaking glass under different tactical conditions.

The Cadex Fore-end Rail provides users of the Accuracy International rifle with a world-class mount for inline night devices, lasers, and accessories.

The Cadex Tri-Rail Mount for the C7/C8, M4/M16, and AR-15 family of small arms provides users with a robust mount for laser pointers, illumination devices, and bipods. Mil Std 1913 rails at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions.

The Cadex M4 Extended Fore-end Rail provides users with a world-class mount. It’s a light and strong rail system.

Carbine 5.56mm Flash Hider with suppressor adaptor.

Cadex’s AR10 lower receiver is manufactured to fit Armalite and Noveske upper receiver assemblies. It is precision machined from aeronautic grade 7075-T6 aluminum to provide the user with a high quality lower receiver for their AR10 rifle (B series only).

Cadex’s AR15 lower receiver is manufactured to fit existing AR15 upper receiver assemblies. It is precision machined from aeronautic grade 7075-T6 aluminum to provide the user with a high quality lower receiver for their AR15 rifle

Fits CDX-30, CDX-300, CDX-33 and CDX-R7 LCP, FCP & CPS

Military Hard Case for the CDX-50 Tremor® in 32” only. If you choose the model with cut-out foam, this variant will work for the 29” or 32” barrels.

Cadex Hunter Series hard case with foam. Fits the CDX-R7 CRBN & SPTR hunting rifles.

Perfect to carry your precision rifle, can be used on its own or put in a Hard Case for maximum protection.

A Chamber Flag shows a SAFE weapon. The brightly colored flag alerts the range officer and other shooters that the firearm chamber is empty.

Field tooling kit with torque limiters and a variety of driving bits adapted to Cadex rifles and chassis. Comes in a compact molle webbing pouch for easy carry.

The Chassis Universal Screw kit contains an assortment of replacement screws to revamp your chassis. If your chassis has seen better days and you’d like to refresh its hardware then this kit is what you are looking for. Contains enough screws to outfit any Cadex Strike chassis.